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Restore Your Periods & Ovulation Naturally Programme

Professional support for every woman who struggles with her menstrual cycle.


It is a 90 day programme designed to help you have a healthy and regular menstrual cycle. The programme would be useful for you if:

  • You want to have a baby but your periods and ovulation are not regular. Irregular cycles just make it so much more difficult to get pregnant.  Sometimes you might even feel pregnant, only for your period to arrive a few days later. It can be difficult to tell what is going on.


  • You want to space your babies but you are finding it difficult to use natural family methods because your periods are so irregular. You are tired of wondering if you are safe or not and being too anxious to have sex. You want to be able to pinpoint your fertile times more easily.


You experience excruciating cramps and heavy bleeding during your period. You have tried everything but nothing seems to alleviate these symptoms. 


Maybe the problem is that your periods are too scanty or you have been diagnosed with PCOS. 

You might have tried Clomid or different supplements but they haven’t worked. You are very interested in using a natural approach but there seems to be so much information out there, it is so overwhelming.  

Menstrual periods and ovulation are regulated by hormones and in this programme, you will be guided with natural strategies to help you improve your hormonal balance for a healthy menstrual cycle. This is not a theoretical course; it’s a very practical one. You will guided to eat the right foods, massages and other natural ways to gently improve your cycle without side effects. Ultimately, It’s about helping you to be the best version of yourself and as healthy as you can possibly be. 

Most women who take this programme begin to see results in weeks and most definitely in less than 90 days.





As soon as you register for the programme, you will be directed to an online assessment to determine possible imbalances in your body. This is a very detailed symptom-based assessment and consists of several questions.  

Your Care Plan would be based on the results of your assessment.



You will be able to also book a private consultation with the programme leader and Holistic Fertility Therapist, Bridget-Marie after you complete the assessment. During this consultation:

  • she will discuss your results with you
  • you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and
  • together you and Bridget-Marie will create a personal care plan for you. discuss



A care package would be sent to your preferred address. It will contain:

  • carefully selected supplements based on your assessment to support your cycle.
  • a digital thermometer
  • ovulation and pregnancy tests kits (if applicable)



You would be sent an email every week with a link where and prompted to record your progress as well as fill in your daily temperature figures.

The information would be used for your review consultation later on in the programme. 




6 weeks into the programme, you would be able to book a review consultation with Bridget-Marie. During the call:

  • she would review your weekly progress logs with you
  • evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.
  • make new recommendations and changes if necessary
  • you would also be able to share any concerns you have.



You get unlimited email support so if you have any questions or concerns between your consultation calls, just send an email and you will get a response within 24 hours.

When you join the Programme, you will get the resources and support you need to have a healthy menstrual cycle, be the best version of yourself & as healthy as you can possibly be Naturally.


Just had a wonderful workshop with Bridget. I am feeling so positive about the changes I can make to my life, thank you so much for your patience and advice. You’re a star! I am excited to get started 🙂 X ”


“I have just had the workshop with Bridget and found it very helpful and insightful. I want to thank her for taking the time to talk to me and for giving me some helpful advice. I have a new positive outlook and I will be actioning everything that we have spoken about right away. I can’t wait to get started.”


” The lesson was very explanatory. It will really help us women to be very conscious of our health in order for us to achieve conception till delivery. Am so happy and can’t wait to continue the lessons. “



Bridget-Marie Ayinke - Founder of Bridget-Marie.Org

Several years ago after I lost my pregnancy in a stillbirth and the doctors couldn’t explain why it happened, I began to explore a more natural approach for a healthy conception & pregnancy. I later qualified as a holistic fertility therapist and have since supported several women on their motherhood journey while they built their careers.

I consider myself to be an advocate of women’s well-being and work on the premise that women have a special genius as taught by JPII. When women are fully supported they can make a difference in their families and their societies.  

I would be honoured to support you on this programme. 


Yes, you can. The programme is for every woman who wants to improve her cycle and because it is tailored to each participant’s circumstances most women can join to resolve most menstrual cycle problems.

Fibroids are exacerbated by hormonal imbalance so this programme would be helpful particular for small fibroids. It would, however, not cure big fibroids. Your doctor might recommend surgery. If you’ve already had the surgery, this programme would help you maintain a good hormonal balance so that the fibroids won’t grow back easily.

Yes, you can benefit from this programme because scanty periods are caused by hormonal imbalance among other things. 

Absolutely! Even though menopause is often a function of age, it is possible to slow down the process. You can provide your body with the right support to improve your periods even close to menopause and this programme would give you the right support to achieve that. 

The programme is a blend of both online and offline delivery. The assessment is carried out online, the weekly progress logs are completed online and the private Facebook is also online.

The consultations are carried out by phone and the care package delivered straight to your door.

The programme opens at specific times of the year and you can only join during those times. 

Yes, you can, please click on this link to book a chat with Bridget-Marie. 

Yes, you can join the programme even if you are resident in Nigeria or any African country.

When the programme ends You would be offered the opportunity to join the Bridget-Marie Academy if you want to continue to get support.

Please send an email to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have any other questions? Email us at and we will get back to as soon as possible.


Restore Your Periods & Ovulation Naturally in 90 days Programme does just that; it helps you improve your menstrual cycle in 90 days or less. It is not a magic bullet, you will need to do some work but you will be supported throughout the programme. Your care plan would be designed around your current circumstances. Most importantly, you’ll get results.