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Natural Cycling

You cannot separate a woman from her menstrual cycle. It defines her from her teenage years till her menopause. Whether we are trying to get pregnant, avoid a pregnancy, or approaching menopause, our menstrual cycles are important to us. At Bridget-Marie, we believe that our menstrual cycle is not only important for fertility but it is central to our femininity. It is not something to be endured or dreaded but a gift to be celebrated.

However, many of us struggle with our cycles and this can take the form of:

  • Heavy bleeding and cramping
  • Scanty bleeding
  • Absent periods
  • irregular periods
  • irregular ovulation

In many cases, we do not even know when to have sex to improve the chances of conception or avoid pregnancy and rely on counting the days or the use of ovulation predictor test kits which are not always useful.

Even worse, we depend on the use of medications like Clomid or fad diets to address period or ovulation problems and end up with serious side effects.

We believe that being a woman is beautiful and our cycles are an important part of our femininity. This is why natural cycling is at the very heart of the work we do. Using the New Eve Fertility Method, we help women to understand and improve their own unique menstrual cycles.

So if you’ve had enough of heavy periods with cramps or periods that are too scanty or even absent;

If you want to know exactly when you are ovulating so that you can get pregnant easily (or avoid pregnancy if that’s what you want) without depending on ovulation test kits;

If you want to understand and improve your menstrual cycle so that you can get pregnant more easily, plan your family naturally and improve your overall health, we want to invite you to choose one of the options below:

How We Can Support You

Free Online Masterclass

Watch this video to learn how to chart and interpret your own unique menstrual cycle.

Egg Quality Course

An online course to teach you how to boost your egg quality using natural strategies.

Restore Programme

90 day specialised programme to help you restore your periods & ovulation naturally.