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Scale & Take Your Organisation to the Next Level with the Advanced Business Programme

Professional Support for African Business Women who want to scale and amplify their impact.


It is a programme for company/organisational leaders who want to increase their impact, grow their organisation and increase their revenue. The programme would be useful for you if: 

You are a owner of a successful company but you want to scale and grow your company exponentially. You want to leave the competition behind and be the clear leader in your industry. You want to play big because you know that it gives you the influence you need to change the world. You know that being a woman is no reason to reach for the skies.

You are a business owner or the CEO of your company and while you have had some success, your sales and/or funds have stalled. Despite your efforts you are still struggling to increase your customer base and make more sales.  

You want to re-structure your organisation or business to be more profitable and to reach a wider audience. This means finding and recruiting the best people to run your business with you but you cannot seem to find the right people to entrust your life mission with.

You want to be able to use both traditional and digital marketing methods to reach more people but all your efforts to use digital media have not been very successful. You are struggling to apply this approach to your business without losing so much money. 

You want to be able to a good work-life balance. Your business/organisation takes so much of your time making it difficult for you to be fully present for your family and friends and even for yourself.

The BM Advanced Business Programme will help you design and execute the strategies to structure your company/organisation for maximum success.


At Bridget-Marie, we believe that women have a special & unique genius that the world urgently needs. African women leaders in particular are needed and we want to support you to achieve the vision you have so that you can make an impact in Africa and in the world.

In this programme, we would be helping you to re-discover your leadership style and equipping you with the skills to expand your organisation. We would help you to get clarity on your vision and using effective business strategies, we would help you develop strategies that would work for your unique leadership style and for your own company.

We are not going to be teaching you theories; because each company is unique and require personalised strategies.

In the programme, you would be supported to 

Recreate the vision you have for your company.

Understand the type of leader you are and undergo a deep transformation to become your best self.

Identify the struggling areas of your business

Design the right strategy to take your company from where you are to where you want it to be.

Translate the strategy into a detailed action plan and realistic timeline.




An Initial Consultation

After you sign up, you would be invited to have a consultation with one of our facilitators to identify what your business needs are.

BM Advanced Business Programme

A 2-day workshop where you receive business training and create strategies & action plan for your company.

Post-Workshop Follow Up

You will have a private follow up session to check on your progress and make adjustments to your strategy or action plan if necessary.


Bridget-Marie Ayinke - Founder of Bridget-Marie.Org

Several years ago after I lost my pregnancy in a stillbirth and the doctors couldn’t explain why it happened, I began to explore a more natural approach for a healthy conception & pregnancy. I later qualified as a holistic fertility therapist and have since supported several women on their motherhood journey while they built their careers.

I know that it has become increasingly challenging for African women to live out their vocation in their families, society & in the Church. And yet it is very important and urgent that we truly live our best lives because the world needs our special genius. 

Together with other facilitators, I will be supporting you within the Bridget-Marie Advanced Business Programme to increase your impact. 




Absolutely, the same principles apply for both for-profit and non-profit organisations. Every organisation has to constantly grow their client base and their revenue in order to survive.  This programme would help you structure your organisation for growth.  

This programme is for companies that are already operational and enjoying some level of success. Please check out our Leadership Academy for support to build your business in 6 months.

It is delivered in a workshop format in one of our training locations. The initial and follow-up consultations are carried out online using Skype or Zoom. 

The programme costs £997

Yes, you can. Your organisation will thrive better if the key managers are on board with your vision.  They would improve their leadership skills and help you to move your organisation forward. 

You would be invited to join our mastermind community – the African Women Network where you can continue to get training support and networking opportunity with other African women CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Please send an email to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have any other questions? Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Advanced Business Programme will help you to take your organisation to another level. It will help you to provide the right leadership for your company, ensure that all your business and marketing systems are running effectively and that you have the right people working with you to deliver the organisation’s vision. 

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