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Get the Support You Need to Build A Thriving Business within 3 months

Hands on support to transform your expertise into a successful business.


You are good at what you do. You have the knowledge and experience to solve problems for people and you believe that your calling is to make a difference with your skills & expertise. You want a business that gives you the platform to make a difference. But you face the following challenges: 

You seem to only attract people who want your services for free or want to pay pittance for them. You want to help them too but you need to be able to make money from your work to support yourself & your family and reach more people.

You have bought business courses or business books but you are not able to translate the information into an operating business. You can't pay for expensive coaches because you are a start-up and it is not like your business is making much money yet.

You find yourself justifying your business to everyone; your husband, your family, your friends because you seem to be doing a lot of work with very little to show for it. Sometimes, you feel like you are letting them all down.

You are concerned that you might have to close down your business and go back to your 9-5 job if it continues to make little or no money. But you really don't want to do that because you know that this is what God created you to do. It is your life work and it gives you fulfillment.

You really want to make a difference in your society and you want to do this by converting your passion, expertise and skills into a successful business. You also want to be able to do this in a way that allows you to be present for your family.

Sign up for the Workshop to get the guidance & skills you need to build the business you want to have.


At Bridget-Marie, we believe that women have a special & unique genius that the world urgently needs. Through the Academy, we want to empower African women to improve their skills, be financially independent and make a difference in their societies with their expertise.

At the workshop, we will not be teaching you theories; we will be guiding you to build your business. Think of the workshop like a practical MBA programme except you won't be leaving with textbooks but a real template to build your business.


In the workshop, you would be supported to 

Develop the key aspects of your business. 

Transform yourself into the leader you are called to be.

Structure your business/organisation for profit because you need money to make more impact.

Identify and reach your ideal clients & paying customers.




Get clear on your business vision what God is calling you to do. Uncover your story and what your unique contribution is. Identify who you are called to serve.


Find out what type of leader you are and what is holding you back. Identify and remove your blocks. You will also create a leadership lifestyle.


Create the unique method that describes how you serve others and distinguishes you from everyone else. Create the products are you bringing to the marketplace.


Choose and create your operating systems i.e. how you would deliver your products and srevices. Also create your marketing systems to help you reach your audience.


Who are you reaching out to first? How to get your first paying customers. You will also create your method of getting referrals and feedback so that you can fine-tune your services and processes.


Identify and plan how you would scale your business so that you can make more impact through paid marketing strategies, organic marketing and joint-venture programmes.

Additional Workshop Bonuses



Join  women like you who want to make difference in the world. You will have the opportunity to be listed in our professional directory. This helps other members to find, recommend you for work or even partner with you on business projects.



By the end of the workshop, you would have a ready-made template for your business. Get the support to bring it to reality within the Bridget-Marie Support Academy. You would get unlimited email support as well as access to monthly Q&A sessions. 

You have what it takes to succeed because God told you to be fruitful & multiply, fill the earth and subdue it (Gen 2:18).


Bridget-Marie Ayinke - Founder of Bridget-Marie.Org

Several years ago after I lost my pregnancy in a stillbirth and the doctors couldn’t explain why it happened, I began to explore a more natural approach for a healthy conception & pregnancy. I later qualified as a holistic fertility therapist and have since supported several women on their motherhood journey while they built their careers.

I know that it has become increasingly challenging for women to live out their vocation in their families, society & in the Church. And yet it is very important and urgent that we truly live our best lives because the world needs our special genius. I firmly believe that God entrusted the world to women in a special way and the world is waiting for our transformation. 

Together with other invited guests, I will be supporting you within the Bridget-Marie Leadership Academy to become the leader you were created to be and have a successful business. Can’t wait to meet you!


No. Even though, it was primarily designed to support African women, every woman can benefit from this programme. 

Absolutely! This programme would help you to build your business from scratch. 

If you are already generating consistent money from your business but want to expand, please consider our Advanced Business Programme

It is an online event. Your invitation link would be sent to you by email.

You will also be able to watch the recorded workshop within a private membership area on the Bridget-Marie website for up to 3 months afterwards. 

The programme costs £297.

You would continue to access the recorded workshop and receive support through the Bridget-Marie Academy for 3 months.

If after 3 months, you wish to continue to access the workshop, monthly Q&A sessions and the networking site, you can continue to do so for £47/month. 

Please send an email to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have any other questions? Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Bridget-Marie Business Impact Workshop will guide you to build the business of your dreams where you would be able to make a difference in the world just like you are called to. So many people are waiting for your transformation and the people you are called to serve are also waiting.

It will require commitment from your own end but we will give you the support you need to make those dreams come true. It is time to shine!

Please email if you have any questions or if you are not able to sign up online. We will respond
within 24 hours.