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About Bridget-Marie

In His image and likeness, He created them; male & female He created them (Gen 1:27). Men and women were created equal but “gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development… The disadvantages facing women and girls are a major source of inequality. All too often, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education, political representation, labour market, etc. with negative consequences for development of their capabilities and their freedom of choice” (United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Reports).

Bridget-Marie Organisation promotes women’s well-being and development using the New Eve Method (NEM). NEM is a natural human ecology model rooted in biblical theology that supports women through different socio-economic & environmental circumstances to become the women God created them to be. It was created by Bridget-Marie Ayinke Osho after extensive practice and research into factors that influence women’s health and well-being. It is based on the premise that having healthy pregnancies, healthy families and great careers require an approach that covers not just our bodies, but our emotions, our mind, our soul & our environment.