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About Bridget-Marie

In His image and likeness, He created them; male & female He created them (Gen 1:27). Men and women were created equal but “gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development… The disadvantages facing women and girls are a major source of inequality. All too often, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education, political representation, labour market, etc. with negative consequences for development of their capabilities and their freedom of choice” (United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Reports).

In a world where women typically struggle to be heard or are faced with challenges from raising a family or reaching great career heights, it can be difficult to make our own contributions to our societies and Church. And as long as women feel overburdened, suppressed and oppressed, the world cannot be a better place. Women hold the key to improved families and societies and a more apostolic Church.

Pope St. John Paul II also affirms this when he wrote “when women are able fully to share their gifts with the whole community, the very way in which society understands and organizes itself is improved” and “this is a recognition of the unique role which women have in humanizing society and directing it towards the positive goals of solidarity and peace”.  He also states that “women have a full right to become actively involved in all areas of public life, and this right must be affirmed and guaranteed, also, where necessary, through appropriate legislation“. Her feminine genius has left ‘an impressive and beneficial mark in history‘ of the Church. (Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women, 1995). Even so we know that women still have a lot to contribute to the growth of the Church and the success of her apostolic mission.

Bridget-Marie supports women to reclaim their natural & God-given harmony so that they can have healthy families, highly successful careers and transform the Church & the world using the New Eve Method. We do this by offering a variety of programmes and products to help them develop themselves and improve their health. 


Our Work in Africa

Nobody understands the challenges women face better than the African woman with a long history of struggle against gender discrimination, abuse, racial discrimination, unfair cultural norms, poverty, false religious interpretation, lack of confidence, poor well-being and fertility problems. This is why we support projects that empower African girls and women particularly in areas of natural fertility and leadership development.

We are also continuously carrying out research to better understand the challenges and realities of African women living in Africa & abroad and our research informs the projects we offer to them.


Meet the Founder

Bridget-Marie Ayinke Osho is a social researcher with over 18 years of experience in studying the relationship between the environment and health. Her studies have included the socio-economic & environmental determinants for malaria and respiratory disease.

She was born in Africa into a very Catholic family; the first born of 6 children. Several years ago when she lost a pregnancy in a stillbirth and the doctors couldn’t explain why it happened, she began to explore a more natural approach for a healthy conception & pregnancy. Her interest led her to qualify as a holistic fertility therapist and to carry out social research into women and fertility.

She has since spent the past several years studying socio-economic and environmental factors that affect the women and their fertility. As a holistic fertility therapist, she has worked with thousands with African women and has deep understanding and insight into the challenges, resilience and circumstances of African women both at home and abroad.

As her career progressed, it became increasingly clear that having a healthy pregnancy, caring for children and making a difference in the world require an approach that covers not just our bodies, but our emotions, our mind and our soul & our environment. It requires achieving the natural harmony that God created us with from the beginning. It means becoming a new Eve with Mary, The New Eve as our model. This led to the development of the New Eve Method.

Bridget-Marie has taught the New Eve Method to countless women over the world to help them improve their health, well-being and careers. She has also written several and self-published books on the subject.

“I know that it has become increasingly challenging for the 21st century women to reach their full potential in their families and society. And yet it is very important and urgent that we truly live our best lives because the world needs our special genius. Through my work, I support women to break free of the restrictions that hold them back so that they can fully embrace their feminine genius and make an impact in the Church & the world” (Bridget-Marie Ayinke Osho, 2019).