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About Bridget-Marie

Bridget-Marie is a faith-based organisation that empowers women to find the natural harmony in their mind, body and soul so that they can experience healthy families, highly successful careers and transform the world using the New Eve Fertility Method. 

Our work is based on Catholic principles of femininity and designed to help women to embrace their feminine genius and become the women God created them to be. We believe that women are incredibly special and the world has been entrusted to us in a special way. But to fulfill our potential, we need to fully embrace our true femininity. It means

  • embracing what makes us women; owning our female form, and yes even our menstrual cycles.
  • claiming the right to become mums in a way that celebrates our natural femininity rather than using over-medicalised approaches.
  • recognising that we can aspire to brilliant careers & we don’t have to choose between our careers and motherhood.
  • owning with pride the contribution we bring to our home, the work place, the Church and our societies and realising that our voices need to be heard if the world is to become a better place.
  • remembering that we are equal to men because we were both made in the image and likeness of God and so reject any forms of inequality in every part of the world.

Ultimately, it means being the women God created us to be from from the very beginning because when He did, He saw that it was very good (Gen 1:31). It means being a new Eve. This is why our work is based on the New Eve Fertility Method, designed to help women to become new Eves.

The New Eve Fertility (NEF) Method

The NEF Method was designed to help women regain the natural harmony established by God when He created us. It is based on Catholic principles of natural fertility, of femininity and of work.

Embrace Your Full Potential & Express Your Feminine Genius

Know what makes you special as a woman and what unique talents & skills you have.
Create a natural harmony between your body, mind and soul so that you can conceive, deliver & care for your kids.
Create relationships that nourish and make a difference in other people’s lives.
Do not hide your light under a bushel but place it on the top of the hill where all can see it and glorify your Father who is in Heaven. Identify your talents and build a fulfilling career. The Church and the world are waiting for you.

Meet the Founder

I am Bridget-Marie Ayinke. I was born into a very Catholic family; the first born of 6 children. Several years ago, I lost my pregnancy in a stillbirth and the doctors couldn't explain why it happened. It was a very difficult time; but my pregnancy loss was the beginning of my journey to discerning who I was truly called to be. I began to explore a more natural approach for a healthy conception & pregnancy and this expanded to include how we can use our gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.
I fully understand that it can be very challenging for women to fulfill their roles as mums, wives and career women in the world today. And yet it is of the most importance and urgency that we truly live our best lives because the world needs our special genius. Through my career, I empower myself and every other woman to be their best selves. I consider myself to be a Catholic Feminist and my work is largely influenced by my Catholic faith. I believe that proper understanding and application of Catholic teachings should elevate women and support them to be the very best that they could be. I aim to achieve this through my work.

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