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Bridget-Marie is a faith-based organisation that empowers women to find the natural harmony in their mind, body and soul so that they can experience healthy families, highly successful careers and transform the world using the New Eve Method. Our work is based on Christian principles and designed to help women to embrace their feminine genius and become the women God created them to be.

Bridget Osho
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Our Core Values

Women are special

Women are incredibly essential to their families, societies, the Church, & the world.

Nature First

When it comes to our health, fertility & well-being, natural options should come first & medical interventions second.

Authentic Femininity

We can become who we are meant to be by looking back to who God created women to be in the Garden of Eden.

Right to Fulfillment

Every woman regardless of her circumstances has a right to become the best version of herself without poverty, abuse or discrimination.

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